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Outdoor Security Lights to Keep Your Home Safe this Winter

The clocks have changed, darker nights are rolling in already, and it looks like we’ll be staying at home more than going out in the run up to Christmas this year.  But don’t think that home security is any less important.   Outdoor security lights are just as important as ever.

In fact, burglaries and home intrusions increase by at least 50% around this time of year, whether the homeowner is in the house or not. So, you need to be just as vigilant as ever.

Making sure bushes, trees, and hedges are trimmed back around your garden and main entrances is a start towards keeping your home secure. Putting garden furniture away for the winter, or at least not too close to the house itself, as it’s an obvious climbing frame! And of course, locks, doors and windows should all be checked regularly to ensure they too are secure and in good working order.

But one of the most effective things you can do to protect your loved ones and your property is to invest in outdoor security lights to keep your home safe this Winter. You can choose from a number of types of product. Here are a few points to help you decide.

Solar lighting

If you used solar lights during the summer, make sure these are dry and still in good working order. Although they’ll not be quite so effective with reduced sunlight hours.

They may look pretty and light up certain areas of your garden but are not enough when it comes to anything more practical than decoration or minimal light to a pathway.

Manual or mains switch lights

Outdoor lights can run off a mains switch – generally LED lights close to front doors or back garden lights – so it’s up to you as and when they are switched on and off.

As these may well generally be switched off when not in use, for example when you’re in bed, they are not the most effective security option.  

Sensor Lights

You won’t want your outside lights on throughout the day, so motion sensor lights are ideal for efficiency and security. Most work with Passive Infra-Red technology (PIR) to sense the movement.

They’ll pick up any activity within their range, so are ideal for safety and visibility when you’re nipping out to the car, putting the bins out, or letting your pets out in the garden.

And they will let you know when visitors have arrived and deter any unwanted guests too.

Standard outdoor security lights working off a PIR tend to sense movement within an area of 6-10 metres, but others can operate as wide as 18-20 metres. So, it’s important to calculate the range which you would need.

You might want just the path to your front door, the driveway area, or your entire garden lit up once any activity is sensed.

There are also options to change the length of time you want the light to remain on once movement has been detected;  also dependent upon the weight and size of who or what is triggering the sensor; and options for dusk til dawn timers too.   

Outdoor Security Lights – Style and Design

Depending on the range of light you need, here are just a few options:

Floodlights – the widest areas can be covered with a floodlight. You still have options to allow for either harsh bright light levels or LED lighting for a slightly less intense light, so these can be used for decoration as well as security. They can also be mounted to allow for tilting and rotation so you can get the exact coverage required.

Lanterns – generally seen on outside walls lighting front door areas, or free-standing lanterns to light pathways.

Bollards – these can give a full 360-degree range of light, and again are a good option for lighting drives and pathways.

What IP Rating Should I Look For?

An IP rating indicates how well it is protected against water (Ingress Protection). Outdoor lights should have a minimum rating of 45, which means it is protected against light rain or sprayed water. However, the higher rating, the better protection, up to a maximum of 68, against bad weather conditions for instance.  Ground level lights should be rated no less than 67.

Where to Install

This depends on whether you are looking for decoration as well as security. Generally, lighting front and back doors and access is key to the best security. Above a garage and on any outbuildings are also good options. And, whether your back garden is hidden or overlooked is another consideration.

How to Install

Whether it’s to add decorative lighting or for your home security, any outdoor electrics should be installed by a qualified electrician. The risk of water mixing with electricity means that this is not a job for general DIY.

Outdoor security lights to keep your home safe this winter

In summary, investing in outdoor security lights to keep your home safe this winter is a cost effective and highly recommended option. On top of your own peace of mind, it might also benefit your home insurance cover.

Our team at Elite Electrical Contractors will be happy to discuss your home security needs, and more information can be found on our website, including Home Safety Packages to keep your home and loved ones completely safe and secure.

So, if you are in or around the Wakefield and West Yorkshire area, don’t hesitate to contact us today for your no obligation quotation.

Elite Electrical Contractors – we’re here to keep you safe with your outdoor security lights!

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