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Keep Your Family Secure with our Home Safety Packages

We know your home is your castle, and we also know you will do everything you can to protect it, along with your loved ones inside.  Its why we have created Home Safety Packages for you.

But, as the saying goes, ‘you only know what you know.’ And many people don’t actually know all the options available to make sure they are as safe and secure as possible.

Chances are you’ve spent much of the Summer outside in your gardens and won’t have noticed if any cables are damaged or wires are frayed for your inside appliances. Lights will have been off during the daytime and possibly only used occasionally at night. And you’ll only have needed the heating on in short spurts.

But this will change now, as the days get shorter and the evenings get chilly. More gadgets and electrical appliances will be back on permanently. Extension cables may start being overloaded, with phone chargers, gaming stations, PC’s, and Alexa back in control! The heating will be kicking in for when the children get home from school, and if you are still working from home you will want some warmth during the day too!

So going into the Winter months is an ideal time then to check your home over for any damage to electrics, fire and safety aspects and make sure you have everything covered. You might not have even had your electrics checked for many years, and your fuse board (or Consumer Unit) might need replacing altogether.

This is our speciality. We are here to make sure you are safe and secure, with our Home Safety Packages.

EICR and Consumer Units

We offer a complete safety check of your electrics, producing an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) which is recommended at least every 10 years, and will give you a true picture of any risks. It is essential that your consumer unit is fitted with an RCD (Residual Current Device) which will trip and cut the supply if it is overloaded. We will check that your sockets aren’t overloaded, and that appliances can operate safely. If any remedial work is needed, we will discuss this with you in detail, so that you know exactly what you are getting and why it is required.

Smoke and Heat Alarms

One of the biggest risks to your family and your home is fire, which in most cases are accidental and could have been prevented had an alarm been fitted and maintained. A smoke alarm is one of the first and major steps towards protecting your home and your family, particularly as the majority of fires tend to start while you are asleep at night, giving you little warning or time to escape.

Smoke alarms can be battery operated or connected to the mains, or both. No matter how they are connected though, they must be frequently checked to make sure they are fully operational. It could literally be a lifesaver. We will check these and give you up to date advice and guidance on the best options for you.

Smoke alarms are not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms because the steam created is likely to trigger false alarms. This is often one of the reasons that some homeowners disconnect their alarms, not thinking of the consequences.

Therefore, we recommend fitting both smoke alarms and at least one heat alarm. This way, you will get the best, and earliest, warning of any hazards.

We can also give you advice if any specific alarms would be of benefit to you in case of special needs, such as additional lighting, different sounds, or vibrations, etc.

CCTV Security Package and Wireless Alarms

When it comes to safety and security though, it’s not just about keeping your fire and smoke alarms in good working order. Protection from unwelcome visitors is the final step towards the ultimate home security.

And the added comfort of knowing that while you are tucked up in bed, or away for a few days, your home, your loved ones, and your possessions are protected by the highest quality cameras and alarms, deterring any trespassers.

As the use of CCTV and other forms of security equipment has increased dramatically over the past few years, so the cost of installation has reduced. Which is why we offer a variety of options, including CCTV Wi-Fi camera units and wireless alarms. We will discuss and fully assess your needs to ensure you have the best kit to suit your property, and make sure you are in the best place to stay secure.

Our complete Home Safety Packages are ‘designed to keep your family safe’ and comfortable in your home. And, for a limited time only, we have an amazing offer bringing you all of the above options, including a FREE Gas safety check as well.

Check out our Home Safety Packages page on our website for prices. We will take you and your home safely into Winter!

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