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Elite Electrical Contractors, Wakefield, offer a complete quality guarantee as a standard for any services undertaken by our electrical contractors.

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Our NICEIC approved and qualified Wakefield electricians strive for excellence on every single electrical job to maintain our 5 star reputation.

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Electrical Contractor in Wakefield

Emergency Electrical Repairs

If you are in need of emergency electrical repairs at this time, then don’t hesitate to contact us; we are still working and able to assist.

To get your quote just logon to our website and complete the form. You will be able to get a quote when it suits you and we will also have the information to hit the ground running when you are ready to instruct. Don’t delay, and neither will we.

The “To Do” list

One of the things that has struck me over the recent situation regarding social distancing is that the jobs that we keep “putting off” are the ones that have suddenly snuck up on us.

Like repairing a hole in the fence, getting the garden in order or undertaking that spot of DIY. Being at home has meant less time to commute and more time to spot things to get done to add and hopefully tick off the “To Do List”.

Not enough time in the day

However, if you are one of the thousands of amazing people who are keeping our nation safe and alive then your “To Do List” might still be in the back of your mind.

Those little snags that bug you when you get back home at night exhausted and can’t be bothered to cook. Crawling into bed after another gruelling shift.

It’s the little things

Whether it’s a broken electrical socket, a new light fitting or electrics that just don’t work properly, whatever the issue, we are here for you.

No matter how small, contact us and we can assist. Obviously, it is just emergency work at the moment, but when things are better it will be on our list and we can schedule you in our diary.

Support where support is needed

We are offering all NHS workers free labour on electrical emergency repairs to get that job done, so it’s one less thing for you to have to worry about.

We know how stressful and tiring it is for you right now, and we want to give something back. To allow you to have peace of mind, knowing that a dedicated, experienced, qualified electrician will be there to fix your home, so that you don’t have to.

You’re welcome

As the saying goes, a little goes a long way.

Get in contact with us today for a free quote on our website.

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